Protect Eyes With Gaming Glasses

October 17, 2016: After adding 12 new models to our roundup of gaming headsets, we still think the original Kingston HyperX Cloud is the best pick for most gamers. The blue light filter in gaming glasses provides a protective shield between a gamer's eyes and the screen, therefore preserving optical health, minimizing fatigue and eye strain, and allowing gamers to focus on the game with more relaxed eyes. Now I rarely have bloodshot eyes when I return home from work unless they're from lack of sleep. For competitive gaming these are amazing, only second in soundstage to Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X. These glasses are guaranteed to help you improve focus, reduce eye fatigue, and even help reduce vision problems such as cataracts.

If you're spending long hours looking at screens, then a pair of computer glasses is probably something you should consider. Because LG Cinema 3D glasses are so well-priced, you can

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